6 tips to help your roofing business succeed in 2020

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

7 min read Last Updated May 22, 2020

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Right now, it’s a tough time for people all over America. However, with more people staying at home, potential customers are looking for solutions to problems that they’ve neglected over the years – like replacing missing shingles or repairing a wind-damaged roof. This means they’re searching for more roofing businesses more than ever.  

Let’s talk about how you can make use of this opportunity and attract more business. 

Claim and optimize your Google My Business profile 

With smartphones and easy access to the internet, the search for businesses has moved online. If you want customers to find you, you need to not only be visible online but show up ahead of your competition. Ranking higher than your competition starts with a verified Google My Business profile. This is the first thing that your customer is likely to see when looking for a roofing contractor on Google. According to the marketing website Moz, the #1 factor determining your local search ranking is your Google My Business profile.

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If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business profile, make sure you do it right away and get it verified as soon as possible. Google My Business profile verification is a necessary step for your business information to show up on search engines. The verification process typically takes around 2-3 weeks, as Google sends a postcard to the address you have on file with a code to make sure that you’re the real business owner. It’s simple, but it just takes time. The effort is well worth it. 

Once the verification process is complete, you can optimize your profile so that it looks appealing to potential customers. Make sure that you have accurate information including address, phone number, and hours of operation. Include some high-definition photos that help show your brand’s personality. There is also a place to add a description where you can add a list of all the services you offer.  

Get a website for your roofing business 

While this might seem like a no-brainer, many roofing businesses don’t have a business website. This is a mistake. If you don’t have a business website, customers will find you less credible. Studies show that 84% of Americans see businesses with websites as more credible than those with just a social media page.  While your website doesn’t need to be anything complicated, it should help build trust with your customers and help them get in contact with you. 

Don’t know anything about coding? Don’t worry, you don’t need to. Sites like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly allow you to choose templates so that you can easily and quickly set up a business website. 

Also, be sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices as well. These days, many customers discover new businesses while they’re on-the-go and on their smartphones. You’ll have a much better chance of attracting these  According to Hubspot, 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact businesses if they have mobile-friendly sites. Besides, Google says mobile-optimized sites rank better than their non-optimized counterparts. 

Get the Google Guarantee badge 

Roofers can get a Google Guarantee badge by signing up for Local Services ads on Google. Google Guaranteed roofers have a green color badge with a white checkmark in it. Customers trust businesses that have been Google guaranteed because it means they have been pre-screened by Google. If your customers aren’t satisfied with the work that you provide, Google can refund them up to $2000. 

Once you have the Google Guaranteed badge, you will show up higher in relevant search results. This makes it more likely that prospective customers searching for roofers will find you. 

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Get more reviews from your customers 

When customers are discovering your business online, they want to see social proof. Since they don’t have a recommendation from a friend or family member, they want to be sure that you have tons of happy customers. So how can you get social proof? Collect customer reviews. Reviews on sites like Google and Facebook are meant to represent authentic customer experiences. If a prospect sees that you have 500 reviews from satisfied customers, they’ll have an easier time choosing your services. 

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Of course, just asking for reviews in-person doesn’t do the trick. Customers don’t want to have to go to the trouble of having to find your business profile. For the best results, make the job as easy as possible for your customers. Send review requests via text and email that link directly to your business’s profile on sites like Google and Facebook. 

We recommend that you send these the same day that one of your jobs is completed and your business is fresh on the customer’s mind. The longer you wait, the more the customer’s memory fades, and the lower your chance of getting a review. 

Get a chat widget on your website 

These days, customers expect a quick response. If someone calls you hoping to get a quote or schedule an appointment and get left on hold, they might get frustrated and go to a competitor instead. That’s why it’s important to introduce easy communication options. 

We recommend that roofing contractors add website chat on their website. This makes it easy for prospective customers to reach out if they have a question or want to schedule an appointment. With live chat, your team can stay in contact with a customer or prospect while they are there on your website. 

Communicate regularly and clearly with customers 

As you know, communication is key in the roofing business. People want to know what kind of progress you’re making on the job. Communicating with your customers regularly is an easy way to deliver a better customer experience. 

We recommend that you stay in contact with your customers via text message. After all, studies show that text has a significantly higher open rate and response rate to emails. A simple text message reminder has a much greater chance of being seen that an email. 

We recommend that roofing businesses use a text messaging software that integrates with their landline phone number. This number is more likely to be recognized by your customers and will have a better response rate. 

How Accent Roofing started attracting more customers 

Accent Roofing had a trust problem. It’s not that Accent Roofing’s existing customers didn’t trust them. The business had a strong record of customer satisfaction for more than 30 years. The business was located in Georgia, where roofing businesses do not need a license to operate. That means that prospective customers naturally distrusted roofers in their area. 

Accent Roofing realized that it needed to collect more social proof to show customers that it could provide a stellar customer experience. So it got started with BirdEye. BirdEye allows businesses to interact with customers via chat and text and send review requests. With BirdEye, Accent Roofing was able to collect 2000 new reviews. That helped ensure prospects that the business was able to provide quality services. 

How BirdEye can help your roofing business 

Want to get started delivering fantastic customer experience? BirdEye helps roofing businesses collect reviews, interact with customers via chat and text, and send surveys. More than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to collect reviews, interact with customers, and be the obvious choice online.