In-Moment customer feedback system: Every Second Counts

Naveen Gupta

3 min read Last Updated Nov 27, 2019

Customer experience is determined in the blink of an eye. The BirdEye platform provides immediate solutions that transcend demographics using an in-moment customer feedback system that prevent problems before they occur, letting you engage with every customer when sentiment is still fresh.

  • Allows businesses to better understand their customers and clients
  • Can be used to identify unhappy customers and clients
  • Can be used to analyze information
  • Can be automated to make data gathering and analysis easier
  • Allow you to reach out to your clients

Customer feedback is mobile

It’s shared in an instant. By the time it reaches you, customers are already ten steps ahead. Integrate BirdEye’s customer feedback system so your customers can share online customer feedback during or immediately after an experience with your business. With BirdEye’s customer feedback collection tools, hear feedback from every customer, not just active online users or sample survey portions. Our automated real-time review requests provide invaluable insight into the authentic opinions of your customers so you establish genuine relationships from the very beginning.

customer feedback system

Join the conversation, build your online reputation

Today’s consumers expect companies to meet them where they are — on their mobile phones. Birdeye lets you prioritize mobile communications for proactive engagement with customers. Implement BirdEye’s mobile touchpoint features into your CX approach via SMS or mobile apps for the one-to-one experience that instantly connects your business with customers at crucial moments throughout the customer journey. Replace long rants with constructive conversations and deliver prompt responses that turn potential crises into pleasant customer service experiences. Always know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Customer feedback system – a seamless customer experience solution

Your customers don’t want to hear excuses from one department pleading ignorance of what happened in another. All they care about is how quickly and easily your business can meet their needs. BirdEye’s centralized customer feedback system dashboard displays real-time online customer feedback from all customers, not just active online users or a sample survey portion. Categorize and assign issues to specific team members to ensure attentive follow-through and streamlined customer experience infrastructure. By unifying all interactions across the customer journey, BirdEye customer feedback tracking software allows you to prevent any issue from slipping between the cracks.

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