What You Need to Know About Local Business Listings

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

6 min read Last Updated Sep 29, 2020

Having consistent business listings will help your business rank higher on search engines and get discovered by more customers. Here’s what you need to know about your local business listings. 

What Are Local Business Listings? 

Before the days of the Internet, customers used to find listing information through yellow pages books and newspapers. With the rise of the Internet, customers needed to find new ways of discovering local businesses in order to meet their needs. 

Sites like Google and Yelp started to help customers find the information that they needed to not only find businesses- but find the best businesses in the area. Not only do these sites contain listings like the newspaper listings of old, but they also have information to help make sure that customers are making the right choice- things like reviews, photos, and posts from the business themselves. 

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for customers to find the right business information. With a simple Google search, a customer can find everything they need to know about a local business. Here’s an example of a local business listing: 

 At a bare minimum, these business listings need three components- name, address, and phone number (NAP). If you have your local listings available online, customers can visit with you, engage with you, or leave a review. 

Why Local Business Listings Matter for Local SEO 

Google trusts these citations signals because they’re proof that you’re running an authentic business. According to Moz, these citation signals are the 5th-most important factor determining your local search ranking. In order for these citations to matter, it’s important that they match the citation on your Google My Business page. 

The information on Google My Business is what Google considers to be the true information about your business. If your information is off, it can have an impact on your search rankings. Even something as simple as a different abbreviation on a street could be considered inconsistent NAP. 

What to Include in Your Business Listing 

Remember, a business listing can include much more detail than a simple NAP. Here are some other things that you can add to your business listings. 


A photo can serve as a great introduction to your business. While listing sites like Google My Business might have generic images of your storefront, make sure to add high-definition pictures that actually show off your business’s services.


Most listing sites offer your business the ability to input categories that describe your business like “pizza restaurant” or “dental practice”. Adding these categories help to make it easier for customers to discover you when they’re searching for businesses. 


Short Description

Sites like Google My Business allow you to write a short description of your business. This is a great opportunity to talk about the services you offer and create a short pitch for why a customer should choose your business. 

short business description

Social Profiles 

Some listing sites give you the ability to link to your social profiles. Including your Facebook and Twitter profiles can give your prospective customers a better sense of your unique brand. 

social profiles in listing

Online Business Directory Websites

You can list your business on online business directories. While there are dozens of listings sites on the Internet, here are five sites where you should have a listing on the Internet no matter what industry you’re in. 

  1. Google My Business- Google My Business is the most visible listing site on the Internet. Click here to learn how to set up your Google My Business profile. 
  2. Facebook- Google might be the most visible listing site, but Facebook is a close second. After all, the social media site has more than 2 billion users. Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook business page. 
  3. Yelp – While Yelp might not be the giant in the review space it was just a few years ago, it is still a big player in the review space. Click here to read our guide for Yelp for business owners. 
  4. YellowPages- Yellow pages books might not be read as much as they were twenty years ago, but yellowpages.com is alive as well. The site has more than 80 million users every month. Make sure that your business’s listing here is claimed and optimized. Find and claim your yp.com profile here. 
  5. Birdeye- Birdeye offers free profiles for businesses that aggregate reviews from all over the Internet. Birdeye profiles are optimized for search engines and if enough review signals are met, will rank high in search results. Click here to find and claim your free Birdeye profile. 

Of course, these 5 sites are only the tip of the iceberg. While claiming and optimizing these five listings sites can be a time-consuming process, there are many more sites on the Internet. Let’s talk about how you can make claiming your listings easier than ever.  

How Can Listing Management Services Help? 

Let’s say your business changes addresses. While moving locations can be tough enough already, changing your local business listings across the Internet can be even harder. There are dozens of sites you need to take care of. If there’s still conflicting information online, it can hurt your search ranking and confuse your customers. 

It can be tough to manage your listings on dozens of sites across the Internet. That’s how a listing management tool like Birdeye can help. With Birdeye you don’t have to go into dozens of different sites every time there’s a change in your listing information. All you have to do is click a button on the Birdeye dashboard. Birdeye will fix your listings on 50+ sites. 

Birdeye’s listing tool even helps you fix your business listings in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

 All you have to do is go into Birdeye’s listing tool and all of this is taken care of automatically. Just enter your information and it will be fixed on multiple sites across the Internet. 

Increase Visibility with Birdeye 

Birdeye does more than just fix your business listings. With Birdeye, you can start collecting and leveraging authentic feedback for your business’s growth. Send review requests to customers automatically, monitor and respond to reviews on over 150+ sites, and promote your reviews on social media. Be the best business in your area with Birdeye.