How to Use Google My Business Insights to Get More Customers

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

6 min read Last Updated Mar 5, 2020

google my business insights

Once you claim your Google My Business profile, you’ll be able to provide customers with the contact information they need to reach out to you and come to your business. Of course, that’s not all these profiles help you with. Google My Business also provides you with data insights so you can know exactly how customers are engaging with your business.

With these data insights, you’ll be able to take action immediately to reach your customers effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the data that’s available through Google My Business and how they can help improve your operations.

Can Customers Find Your Business?

Google My Business Insights gives you valuable data about how customers are discovering your business. This data can help to give you a better understanding of how you can improve your overall visibility and show up higher in related searches. You can view this data on desktop or through the Google My Business app. Let’s talk about how the data available in Google My Business can help improve your business’s local SEO.

Direct vs. Indirect Discovery

direct vs indirect discovery

Google My Business shows whether customers are discovering your business through direct or indirect search terms. That might not make sense at first glance, so let’s take a second to explain.

Sometimes a customer might discover your business when they type your name into the search bar like “Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence”. Other times, they might discover your business after typing a more generic search term like “dentists in Pennsylvania”.

These searches are largely dependant on how close they are to making a purchase decision. Customers using generic search terms (“dentists in Pennsylvania”) don’t have a specific business in mind and are exploring different options.

You want to make sure that you’re doing great on these generic searches so that your business is showing up ahead of competitors, as customers are more likely to consider higher-ranked businesses.

When customers search for your business directly, your Google My Business profile will appear in the Knowledge Panel (to the right side of the screen if you’re on desktop). These customers are further in their decision-making process and are more likely to contact your business using your contact information in the Knowledge Panel.

Search Queries

search query data

This section shows you the exact search terms that customers are using to discover your business. Once you know these terms, you can make sure that you’re optimizing your profile so more customers can discover you this way. If you’re a dentist and lots of patients are finding you through a term like “root canal therapy”, you might want to consider adding this to your business description in order to show up higher in results.

Using Google My Business Insights

Photo Insights

A good photo can do a lot to make your business look more appealing to potential customers. A restaurant with a high-definition picture of a great meal will look a lot better than a competitor with a blurry picture that just shows their storefront.

These photo insights can help you understand how well you’re showing your business’s benefits to your customers.

Photo Views

photo insights

Photo views show how much photos of your business have been viewed, compared to photos of business like you. The more photo views you have, the more times potential customers have been able to see what you have to offer. This section measures impressions rather than clicks.

Photo Quantity

photo insights

You’re not the only one who can upload photos of your business. Customers can do so as well, and we’ve found that in 2018, the last full year of data, customers are becoming more and more likely to include photos and videos in their reviews.

Direction Requests

Customers have the option to request directions to your business from your Google My Business listing. Google helps you to understand the ZIP codes where customers are most likely to come to your business. This data can help you target your advertisements to the areas where customers are coming from.

Phone Calls

Your phone number is shown as part of your Google My Business listing. This section shows what time of day customers are calling your business through Google My Business. With this data, you can understand when customers are looking at your profile and adjust your ad spend and targeting accordingly.

Popular Times

Google uses customer location data to determine when the most popular times to visit your business are. You can use this information to figure out when you might need some extra employees to deal with extra customers.

Insights with Birdeye


Of course, there are many more valuable insights that can help you improve your business and get more customers. While Google My Business insights measure the impressions, clicks, and usage of your Google My Business profile, there is another factor you need to keep an eye on in order to truly measure how your customers feel about your business: your customer reviews. While your overall rating and number of reviews are a good start, but there’s so much more to the story.  

Birdeye uses Natural Language Processing to humanize data to see what your customers are talking about on Google reviews and 150+ other review sites. It searches for specific keywords and topics throughout your reviews and measures customer sentiment.

With Birdeye, you can know immediately what your customers are talking about. If your customers are complaining about something like “long wait time”, you’ll know exactly what the issue is, be able to take action immediately to fix the problem and begin to build a fantastic customer experience.

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